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We incorporate top of the line performance technology to keep you on track with your cycling progress. Whether you want to track calories burned, miles cycled, or just overall power and energy exerted, an email is waiting in your inbox after class that will provide every detail of your journey.

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What To Expect

Turbospin is an indoor cycling experience like no other. We offer a forty-five minute high energy, calorie burning, full body workout experience. Our inspirational instructors will guide you through our music-driven class and teach you the tools to get the most out of your workout.

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After class, you will receive your statistics: calories burned, miles cycled, energy level, and ranking for the class. It is a great way to compete against yourself, watching how you improve over time. This workout will continue to challenge you after you are officially turbocharged!

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For more information, call the studio or email us at info@turbospincycling.com. Thank you!



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