Getting Started

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Getting Started


We recommend that first-time guests arrive 15 minutes before class. This allows time for our front desk staff to check you in, show you around the studio, and assist you in setting up your bike for class.

Cycling Shoes

You may bring your own cycling shoes if you have them. Our bikes are equipped with SPD and SPD-SL clips. We also provide cycling shoes for our riders at no additional charge. Simply tell us what size shoe you need upon check in. Forgot socks? No worries. We sell socks at the front desk for $2.50.

In the Stadium

All bikes in the stadium are numbered, making it easy to find the specific bike you are assigned to. You will also find a towel already on your bike for you. You will find a spot on your bike for a bottle of water. You will need water during class! We provide a water machine at our studio and we also sell bottled water at the front desk for $1.

Bike Setup

Being properly set up on the bike is the key to getting the most out of your ride. Proper alignment ensure you are working efficiently and effectively, and it also prevents injury. If you are a new rider, it is important that a staff member assist you in setting up your bike. Our Schwinn AC Performance Plus bikes are customizable as:

  1. Seat height
  2. Fore/aft seat position
  3. Handlebar height

We have individual dressing rooms, restrooms, and shower rooms in the studio. All are equipped with any personal toiletries you may need. We provide our clients large items like hairdryers, towels, shampoo, and conditioner, all the way down to the smallest detail like razors, Q tips, and cotton balls. We’ve got you covered!