Purchasing Rides

To purchase a single ride, pack of classes, or unlimited membership, please log in to your TurboSpin account and purchase the package of your choice. You may also call the front desk for help purchasing rides. If you are under a corporate or student rate, your pricing should be adjusted when logging into your account. If you need to be added to a corporate or student rate, simply call the studio with the information necessary and we can update your account.

Reserving Rides

The timetable for weekly classes runs Monday-Sunday. You log in to your TurboSpin account to reserve, manage, and cancel classes. You may also call the front desk to reserve or your next ride or to cancel a ride. You have up to 4 hours before a class to cancel before it is considered a “late cancel”. Please refer to the late cancellation policy on our site for more details.


If a class is waitlisted, there is always a chance you can still get a bike! You must have unlimited classes or a class credit in your account to add yourself to the waitlist of a class. We will notify you via email or phone call depending on the time frame if you have been added to a waitlisted class.

Corporate Rates

If you are a wellness coordinator and would like to get your employees on a group rate, simply inquire by calling us at the studio or emailing info@turbospincycling.com.

Private Rides

Are you interested in having a private ride at the studio? We provide private rides for parties, charity rides, and corporate events. For more info on reserving the stadium for an event, call the studio or email info@turbospincycling.com.

Parental Waiver

If you are under the age of 17, you will need a parent to sign a waiver for you at the studio before attending your first class.