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Jess Schmuckle (Instructor, Studio Manager, Owner) Originally from Southern California, Jess has cycle certifications from Schwinn, Stages Cycling Foundations, Stages BEATS and Stages Power. Before she was an instructor, Jess was an avid daily rider. Jess is also a RYT200 and has a BS in Psychology. Jess, her husband Justin, their kiddos and dog Bear moved to the Knoxville area in November 2022, relocating to the quiet country life. Jess a yogi at heart, loves camping, photography, living life as holistically as possible and country music. Jess’ rides are full of heavy beats, strong foundations, a lil country, a lil rock n roll, a lil 90s hip hop and whole lot of depth.

MEET Sarah

Sarah Creekmore (Lead Instructor, Owner) Sarah, soon to be Mrs. Jackson is from Clinton, Tennessee. Sarah is our strong and fearless lead instructor who loves to work out and read. Sarah has three pets, Cooper, Lily and Binx. Sarah loves Dolly Parton, the Vols and has some serious singing skills and can perform a walking handstand with ease. Sarah works at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. We can count on Sarah for her commitment, steadiness and faith. She is our biggest cheerleader!


Mike Henkel (Owner) is a dynamic individual with a deep love for fitness, golf, traveling, and fixing things. As an owner of TurboSpin he combines his passion for entrepreneurship with an active lifestyle. When he’s not at the studio he can be found spending time outside with his dog Lexi, hitting the gym, perfecting his swing on the course, building something, or exploring new destinations around the globe. Mike enjoys learning new things, and planning to begin the journey of getting his private pilots license to further allow him to explore his passion for travel.